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I've always been "crafty". This is the page where you can find all those other things I make and sell. All of these items are hand crafted and many of them are dog sport related.

Please feel free to browse and if you see something you'd like, want to know more about an item, or would like something created just for you, just give me a shout!

Email or message, Facebook link at the bottom of this page!

Tracking articles

Custom tracking articles, in carpet, wood and leather.

The wood articles have hard epoxy on the one side to cover the vinyl, the rest of the article is natural.

The leather and carpet articles have flexible resin covering the vinyl, the other sides remain natural. 

The price of one article is $5.00. A set of three, one each of leather, wood and carpet, is $13.00. Shipping is available.

Please email or message to order.

Choose from any of the designs shown, or you can order custom text, just reach out for information

custom tracking flags

Your choice, 2' or 3' stake, rust free fiberglass.

White nylon fabric flag measures about 5x7 inches.

Your choice of colors and patterns for image and/or text

Price (each) $6.50 for 2', $7.50 for 3' ... shipping is available.

Price includes one name and one image of your choice.

Feel free to email or message me for ordering or more information

Please email or message to order.

Custom Crate Tags

Epoxy crate tags with your choice of tag shape (heart, rectangle, square/diamond, oval) Your choice of colors for the background layer and text. $10.00 plus shipping.

Extra line of text (phone number or address, etc.,) additional vinyl work, or 3D elements are available for small upcharge.

Please email or message to order.

Flat tubular nylon lines

Also known as "Climbing" line, it is created by weaving nylon fibers into a tubular configuration and flattening the tube to form a reinforced double layer. Extremely strong and durable, easy to knot and easy to unknot!  Excellent resistance to abrasion, UV, mildew and most chemicals

Order training and trialing lines in any length.

5/8" and 1" widths available in many colors.

Please email or message to order.